​​​​​This page is to be used for a point of reference about expectations for our date.

Photos -  on this site are the only photos available, I do not offer any more in emails, please do not ask.

Regarding References-

I NEED:​   2 VALID references:  from another provider that you HAVE SEEN BEFORE IN SESSION within the last six months of your visit with her.   Include the ladies email, & website information so I may email her to confirm your reference. Include the dates you saw her and something she would remember about you.Please allow several days in advance of your booking to clear you. Do NOT expect same day booking.  Please allow your reference to respond.

If you have No References:   See below.


Alternative Screening -   2

1.  Paid Social Date: If you have no references you can have a paid social date with me for one hour over a drink to better get to know you,ID will be required to show me upon meeting. We will book your session for another date, NOT the same night as social date! 



Please offer me any two combinations of Self Identify Screening in Lue of references or social date:

 *  Hotel Confirmation email showing your booked in hotel

 *  Scanned copy of your state ID 

 *  Work badge with picture & name on it

 *  Facebook link, (real name showing)

 *  Twitter or Switter link  (real name showing)

 *  Linked In link 

 *  A work verification call where I leave you a message at work 

    discreetly and you call me back to confirm employment.

Email information tomysultryprovider@gmail.com

Donations are cash only.

Menu - I do not offer a menu, we are both adults, the donation is for the time spent with me for companionship to your event.

Sultry  Semone

VIP arrangement -  If you would like to see me several times a month, we shall sit down and discuss terms and rates. VIP has a different rate structure.

Right of Refusal - If I feel like your are on drugs or drunk, I have the right to end the date without refund to you for my own safety.

Confirmation of Reservation - 24 hours in advance and again, day of via email just to make sure neither one of our schedules have changed.

Dress code -  Please dress to impress me, I have taken the time to look nice for you.

Contact Via Email only - If you have my phone number it is because I trust you to have it, otherwise I do not text or have phone contact. Regular "FRIENDS" who had my old number, simply email from your verified email we use, and I 

will let you have my new number.  Regular friends have seen 

me 6 to 10 times or more.

Sending a reservation request - Please give me all the details in the first email, your name, age, location, date/time requesting, length of booking and list your references with her name  and email contact information and the date you last saw this person.

Same day requests  - LOL just rarely ever happens.  Please send your request 24 to 48 at least in advance.  The only exception to this is if you are an established friend already and have seen me often, then I may choose to rearrange my schedule to accommodate you.  But not for first time or out of towner's who wait until they are in town and just think they can dial a date sort of speak.  Again you need to be cleared reference or screening wise first. If we can contact your 

reference quickly and clear you perhaps, but please allow time for your reference to respond